Wow, sorry I didn’t have time

Sorry for not posting for quite some time, it’s just that I’ve been ridding ya know. It’s been a great summer, have had alot of sun (up to now about 60 day’s in a row) and I was forced to ride the trike. I lied no one has forced me I did it myself. It’s been great only had a few small problems like throttle stopped working because it needed lube and I had a bicycle shop in Idaho loan me some lube. and away we went. Carb. had the float stuck so I took it apart and fixed it. Other than that it was smooth sailing all summer long. I love that thing!


Fun-Fun-wheelie-hold on!

I took my daughters friend out last night on the trike and pulled a unexpected wheelie. He slid up the seat and said he almost flew out (laughing) I should have told him I was dumpung the clutch I guess. All and all he said he really likes it allot. He also rode the mini trike and had a blast with it. I hauls really fast since I put that 212cc motor on there even with my 6’2″ 245 lb. but on it.

It’s in and wow it’s fun!

Got the new motor from Billy and it runs great! Cant wait to hit the open road after it’s broke in. only need 500 miles and 2 valve adjustments and oil changes. Waaaa hoooo!

I spent 2 days installing this fire breather but it was a labor of love. I just don’t like pulling the body off, it’s a real job by yourself. Had to raise it to the sealing by ropes and back the frame out to remove the old engine and install the new one. I wish I drank  alcohol because I would of had some.  O-well I got it in and have been driving it as weather permits. Still get allot of looks and if I stop, people gather around and ask questions. Allot of little kids like it. Here’s to the trike, Cheers :)

It’s on the way!

Billy called yesterday and the motor is on the way! Billy told me he did some cool stuff to the motor. Also said it was a challenge for him it gave him cuts and scrapes and finding the parts I wanted was not easy, but he came through for me and I am great full for all his help. I guess I will make a ride I wana go on after all. Just got to break it in first. should be here on mon-tues or wednesday.

Update Motor

Well I saved and saved and now it’s time for that motor replacement I talked about. I’m ordering a rebuilt 1600 dp from Billy Manely in California today and should get it in 3 weeks he said. Sounds like a great motor and a good guy!
Every body say a prayer for Billy he needs your support for some tough things he is going through, hang in there Billy.

New year

Going to have a new motor built this year and can’t wait to ride again! I had a lot of fun with this trike last year and will have even more this year with more hp and dependability.

Mini trike

This is a trike my son bought at a yard sale years ago fo $100.00 . I fixed the motor welded up a bumper and fenders and painted it like my VW. I also added rear bumper, brakes, brake handle. I cut flames into fenders I made from a pool filter from the neighbors. It’s called a Dune Cycle and was made in the early 70′s so it’s kinda rare. It hadn’t been driven since 1975 so had some motor fixing to do and had to find wheels and tires for it also. Has 8 hp Briggs so it moves about 45 mph and sounds good. The clutch alone was worth over $150.00 so he got a good deal.

UPDATE! Put a new 212cc motor from Harbor Freight. Man it hauls now! Also extended front end about 6 inches and it is much more comfortable to ride.

Trans in

Got the trans installed and it works great! the only problem now is I need a engine. It kinda got screwed up from the carb dumping gas into the engine and scoring the rings I guess from having gas in the oil. So I wana get this rebuilt 1600 dp from Billy Manely in cali. price is good and will have all the parts to make it go fast. Here is a pic of it after I get done.

Yep, yellow and chrome monster is my choice, ya, I know why not a bigger one? Well 1600 goes plenty fast and gets god gas millage, can’t beat it for performance and don’t have to keep it in tune all the time. Besides looks hot back there hehe. :>

Trans is being setup

I bought a new trans. for the trike. As the old one was not going into 3rd so I got a freeway flyer to put in, it should get better gas mileage and cruise the freeway at a lower RPM. I found the old one had a broken compression washer that holds on the axle with a clip. I took it to Hook’s air cooled vw auto repair & parts here in the valley and John is going to replace the washer and add shims and make sure the travel of the axels is right for me.  Hooks seems like a great place to take air cooled cars and they are a friendly knowledgeable crew. Sometime this week I should have most of the bugs worked out.

I also got a new fuel tank and will install it.

can’t wait for warm weather!

Hook’s is at: 750 South Dishman Road Spokane Valley, WA 99206-3107 - (509) 443-3517

Other stuff

I also replaced the brakes with new shoes. Haven’t adjusted them yet but they work better than greased shoes that were on there. Someday I will install new rear disk brake system on it, much easier to replace pads and better stopping power.

I mounted the backup camera on the dash board at eye level also and it works great. Welded up new foot pegs made of chrome BMX pegs they look and work good to. I had a gas leak on the tank under storage area and glassed it, hope it stopped the leak. will test it today.

Getting closer to riding season, cant wait to get it totally road worthy and ride.

Finished well maybe

I Finally got the wiring done and everything works! Took it for the maiden run and found the gears don’t stay in in 3rd, that means new transmittion is in order. These old bugs when they slip out of gear have to be changed out, ouch new trans I guess. So I ordered a freeway flyer for the taller gears making it go about 120 and get better freeway gas mileage, I also ordered a new clutch and a few other parts. Here is the pics.









Wiring, wiring, wiring

Geeez I hate wiring and this thing has alot, I added a few more gauges, switches and lites, it would have so simple to just have the minimum stuff but I like to see whats going on with the motor and stuff. Added a tach, volt meter and and some lites plus a backup camera and monitor to the mess plus 3 switches to operate them. Now getting it all to work is going to be fun. I finely will get the brake shoes for the beast I hope, had them ordered again, so far the third time, hope this is the charm as they say.  I would like to stop!  Anyway Kyle my daughters boyfriend came over and helped out with some and will be here Tuesday I hope to wire some more, he is pretty good at it and his help is  well appreciated!

Once the wiring is done it is ready for the road and I am to, can’t wait for the cristening and launch ceremony! :>

Fender lights installed

The fender light are screwed on and ready to wire up,. Looks pretty good I like um! You kinda see the floor boards there.

O-ya I also installed the blinkers below the tail lights. L.E.D. ya know. I also got it licensed! See the plate!

Backup camera

Got my backup camera and will prob. mount it here on the dashboard.

Nice blinker lights I found

I got to start wiring soon I just need the fuse box and away I go on the most hated part of working on cars – WIRING! O-well like everything els just do it I guess, I will learn.

Rear blinkers man.

L.E.D. ‘s, and very bright and chrome. Mikey likes!

Floor boards done!

Here’s the floorboards I made from old excersize equipment (was a treadmill). I cut and bolted on some diamond plate for the tops. Finally finished them and bolted them on.

Shiny. they will look and work so good for the first time I’ve built something like this. I love this thing.  :>


Finnish welding the floorboards up and painted the frame. Yesterday I cut the diamond plate and that was a job. You only get one chance to get it right or rune a $50.00 sheat of diamond. Anyway it looks goood!, real shiny.
I also ordered the fuse box and some wheel adapters, seems mine are Ford and my wheels are Chevy, I thought they only made Chevy adapters for VW. What the hell? O-well got em ordered and the Superstars will be spinning.

New Distributor Cap

I got this new dist. cap that is see through yellow-goldIt shows the spark of each cyl. as they fire. Cool at night.


Backup camera system

I ordered a Pyle backup camera system that should be here by monday. Looks pretty cool and the price is right.
It’s a PYLE PLCM35 3.5-Inch TFT LCD Monitor/Night Vision Rear View Camera


I ordered some parts last week and they shipped in 2 day’s, wow quick shipping! Anyway I got :

This fender light of which I decided to get 2 and mount then on each rear fender for  additional blinkers or running lights. Nice quality as all the parts are. Picked them up at Motor Cycle Super Store dot com and

I also got 2 new mirrors for the front forks to see better behind me. I will order a backup camera later also.

Nothing special for now just chrome at least.

And last but not least I got a tool pouch for the front forks.Great tool bag, will look nice and cover up some of the fork workings. $14.95, can’t beat the price, quality and real laether.

O-ya I also got some diamond plate the other day for the floorboards I’m building for it, really looks nice and shinny.

Monster Trike

Dare to be bad, WOW!

Hot trike

Found some parts

Went up to Allen’s cycle on Frances and got  left hand control switches ( turn, horn, hi-low and hazard) I made out good just happened across one on a Kawasaki that had a hazard switch also,  bonus and it only cost $10.00, thanks Rick!  I also got a new hand throttle that works way better than the other one for $19.95, I just have to get a new longer cable. I love wondering around in the back looking for parts,  fun day.

Wheelie Trike

Here is some wheelie fun for ya.

Fun Fun

Got the welder fixed, the tip was stuck so I had to put a new in. Welding and grinding thats the fun. A-lot of grinding because when the tip was sticking it made bad weld like bird poop. Anyway got some done and it looks good.

Started raining and getting cold so I’m quiting for now.


NOOOOON! I heard the whistle at the millwood paper plant so it’s time to break to eat.  It is nice today so I fired up the Barbi and made some hot dogs for lunch! They were greaaaaaat!  Just had to tell about the dogs :)

Running Boards

Ok here is what I did today. This picture has red arrows pointing to the pieces I made and welded in,  Most all of the steel I used is from a old treadmill I bought at a second hand store, the pieces have worked great and are mostly chrome. I will try to have the running boards re-chromed  when finished. Making these things has been kinda a pain in the but, but a fun pain, at least it takes a much shorter time to do the job that body and paint. :(

Finally warm enough!

It’s a whopping 45-48 degrees for the weather report here today so it’s time to warm up the tools and get busy.

I designed some nerf bars-running boards last fall but didn’t finish them yet. Well it’s time to get er done, goimg to do some welding today in the shop and get both sides made and spot it in.

Here is what nerf bars or running boards are, picture below.

I made the outside pipes and bolted them up last year, so now I have to make the inside pipes and weld them to the outside and connect to the plate that connects the front end to the frame. Still pondering the floor material.

These platforms will allow me to tie extra bags on for a long trip.

Here is the wheels and tires I’m going to use. I just have to find washers,  lug nuts and locks.

Super Stars – O-ya!

Still here!

I am still working on this project, I have just been having tech. problems with the other blog. I have since moved the page and re-installed this one.

I have been starting to rewire the trike and have been doing some painting when I can and weather is warm enough.

Finished the front end painting and polished some chrome, at the moment I am welding up the nerf bars and am going to have them re-chromed when done.  Got my fed tax sent off and will be getting about $4,700 back so I will get to ordering some stuff I need soon.

Painted and polished aluminum

It’s Yellow!

Oct 29th 2010

I finaly got it painted after what seems forever doing body work on this thing. Well not really but did alot of fiberglass work making add-on’s. Anyway finally got it in the first coat and wet sanded. Will do flames or something next spring.:)

Wheelie casters

I found some casters in the shop while cleaning and decided to work on the trike today for awhile. Welded on some mounts and put um on. I think they will work good. At least I wont be shooting sparks from the springs that were on there.

Flower pot tail light bezels

Sept 11th 2010

I went to Wal-Mart and picked up some LED tail lights today. Then I thought awhile and thought, hmmm…………, maybe flower pots would look good on the trike. So I bought some.

Pot Head

All this thinking was squishing my head as you can see in the picture. Though it would help my concentration but tin foil works best I guess. Keeps the thought inside and they wont fly away. :) O-ya today is my birthday so I can do or wear whatever I want on my head. Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me. la, la, la.

Next I cut a hole in the top.

The flower pot

Flower pots work good for tail light housings, are you laughing?  Well this one was just the right size for one so I made one. :>

Cut pot.

Then I hot glued them on.

Hot glue for  folks that want to know is the best thing for fiberglass fabrication I know of because you can glue something on and it stays, I think I would have to grind it off to get it off. This is really solid.

They look like rockets! And they should when I pass you at warp speed at night.

Also kinda looks like Gatling guns to, should get me noticed. Now I have to glass them in for extra strength an such.

Well so much for today I’m gona quit for now, fabrication makes me tired. ha ha.

The body work

Sept 9th 2010

I started the body work yesterday really but got pics today. I gassed up and drover it outside the shop and found a gas leak under the back seat. Someone drilled a hole in the tank and covered it with the worst fiberglass job I’ve ever seen, really they glassed right over dirt and leafs. Geesh must of been in a hurry I guess. Any how, here is some pics.

First coat of Bondo, I love the smell of Bondo in the morning!

Sanded first coat

Crack in the fender. Already drilled the hole to re-leave the pressure.

The hole in the tank. Pink thing in front of the DA sander. Filled with Bondo. Will cover with fiberglass.

Sanded out and it’s a wrap, done for the night. Second coat . Tomorrow I will get Asa-tone and high build primer. and finish a few parts.

3 day weekend is here, almost.

sept 2nd 2010

I got the trike out today on the street, I went around the block and what a thrill. Before when I rode it I was just sitting on a pad right on the frame. Was a thrill. but rough ride. I put the body on and gassed it up and put the seat on. WOW what a difference, nice smooth ride and a lot  easier to shift. Found that the tank has a small leak so I will glass it first when the body work starts after the long weekend.

O-ya   I took a large (250 gal oil tank) to the recyclers today after taking 500lbs in the morning, I got $38.00 for the 500lbs.  and as Rachel and I pulled up to the gate a guy in a dodge pickup pulled up and said he would give me $25.00 for the tank. I said OK and we waited about 20 mins. for him to come out.  When we loaded it on his trailer he gave me $30.00 for it. Cool deal I would have only gotten about $10.00 for it at the recycle place I’m sure. Any way been a good day for making money, now I am heading to Seattle tomorrow  for the weekend in the early am. I hope you all have a good labor day!

Got the trike in the shop. Wahoooooooo!

Body work!

Sept 2nd 2010

Starting the body work tomorrow, While I Finnish cleaning the shop and make more room for the trike. I am going to the metal recycle place in the morning to sell my steel scrap. Hope I get some good bucks to put on the trike project. I have had a pile of scrap for a few years hanging around doing nothing but making rust, it will be cool to get rid of it. After scraping I am going to start body work I think.

Wow! Thank you battery god!

Boy was I surprised, I took 4 batteries to scrap that I had hanging around in the shop this morning and they gave me $60.00 for them. Let me clarify, these batteries are backup batteries that are the size of large deep cycle batteries but way heavy. I had theme out there for over 7 years just sitting there because I thought the were only worth maybe $3.00 each.  Thank you battery lord! amen. Now I have ordered the wheel cyl.’s for the trike! Happy days are here again. I am going out to take the old ones out now in-case I need more parts before this afternoon. MY PRAYERS WERE ANSWERED. Later

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